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This Golf Superstore is one of the best providers of Putting Greens for your home.

There has never been a putting green like this one. It has been stated that if you want to be a great golfer, it is going to take practice to get you there. If you want to be a great golfer, you have simply got to know how to putt. Check out this golf superstore indoor putting green golf system that you can construct in your back yard where you can practice your own putt right at home.

Here is the most wonderful news that will keep you practicing your golf putt all year long. This company has been in business for 5 years and has come up with the perfect solution with the creation of a system of interlocking panels that look exactly like a putting green. They come in many different sizes that you can use indoors or outdoors. If you live where it snows, you just move your green inside for the winter. They range in size in 4×10 ft. for the beginner, which is also economical, on to the 8×12 greens. They are pre-done and come ready for immediate installation in your home or the yard, wherever you want them.

There are also larger sizes, for example, 14’x14′ to 18’x20′ and larger, that you can put where ever you want them, even a rooftop, which can be used by multiple players. These greens are being used all over the world by the most famous of professional people because they are so beautiful and easy to install. They have been used immediately after a torrential downpour because the water runs through the turf and panels into the ground. Your indoor putting green will withstand the weather where ever you are in the world. From areas with the coldest and snowiest winters, to the areas with dry and arid summers, your putting green will keep on offering the same enjoyment year after year.

If the weather gets too nasty for you to use your outdoor putting green and you are longing to play golf, just move it indoors. It is that simple. Customer service is exceptional and they are ready to take your call with information and answers to all your questions. This putting green is the perfect solution to all the other outdated construction models. With so many major business decisions being made on the golf course, isn’t it time you constructed your own putting green in your home or back yard?

Golf is a game of skill that is learned with practice. Some people pick up the sport quickly while others need a lot more practice. This is one reason for using Golf Superstore indoor putting green golf collections. You can choose from standard, professional or designer greens in a wide variety of sizes. These are excellent for mastering short putts that many golfers, especially beginners have so much trouble mastering.

You may think because these are indoor putting greens ranging in sizes from standard 4×10 to designer 28×28 that they are too small to make a difference, but you would be mistaken. These putting greens designed for indoor use are used by many of the expert teachers and golfers for teaching and training. All Golf Superstore indoor putting green golf collections are also designed to endure extreme weather elements which means they can also be used for outdoor applications.

The standard collection of greens includes actual putting greens and training aid greens. Here is the difference in the two different styles.

  • Standard training aid greens – These are long and come in 7, 9 and 13 ft lengths.
  • Standard collection putting greens – These are designed in different greens shapes and comes in 4×10, 4×12, 8×12 and 12×12.

Golf Superstore indoor putting green golf collections are a good solution for practicing and training for those short putts that are so hard to master. Many professional golf instructors used these putting greens in their teaching and training. Just because these are considered indoor putting greens does not mean they are not also ideal for outdoor use. They are all-weather greens that come in standard, professional and customizable designer greens ranging from training aids to putting greens in a variety of sizes.

Here is an overview of the Golf Superstore indoor putting green golf pre-packaged collections.


The standard collection includes training aids with 7, 9, and 13 ft length greens and putting greens in various shapes in 2 hole 4×10 and 4×12 and 3 hole 8×12 and 12×12 ft sizes. There is also a 4 foot diameter chipping station in the standard collection of greens for practicing very short shots.


Professional collection greens options include 4 hole 14×14, 5 hole 14×18 and 6 hole 14×20 putting greens. Since these are larger than the standard versions you want to make sure you have plenty of room for one whether you use in indoors or outdoors. Foam contours can be used to create course-like breaks for a more realistic training and practicing experience. When used outdoors, these panels will conform to the contours of whatever terrain they are installed.


The designer collection includes customized solutions for even larger greens. These come in no foam and foam versions in 15×17, 18×23, 20×23 or a huge 28×28 foot greens. No foam versions are ideal for outdoor installation and those with foam can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

Golf Superstore indoor putting green golf accessories include items like aluminum or plastic ball cups, cup pins, nylon flags in green or yellow and foam contours for use under your putting greens. These can be used to create breaks in indoor applications to mimic a real golf course feel.

Golf Superstore indoor putting green golf products are constructed with durable nylon turf and updated modular construction and installation options that make them easy to install and use. These putting greens are intentionally designed with the beginner to the professional golfer in mind for creating a realistic experience for practice and training. These products also offer affordable solutions to fit nearly any budget and sizes to suit almost any application. You also have the option of choosing fully customizable greens to suit your specific needs.

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Golf Superstore indoor putting green golf solutions in the professional collection are larger than their standard counterparts. These are shaped like putting greens, not training aids and come in 14×14, 14×18 and 14×20 feet. These are also all-weather greens. They can be used in a large basement area or rec room or they can be used in your backyard depending on where you have the space for one.

Designer putting greens come in very large sizes including 15×17, 18×23, 20×32 and 28×28 feet. Just like the standard and professional versions of this brand they are usable indoors or outdoors depending on where you prefer to practice your putts or where you have space for them. Since they are of the designer series, they include a standard base that can be customized with various types of turf like sandy turfs or standard turfs.

Golf Superstore indoor putting green golf products are not only all-weather for use indoors and outdoors, but some are also designed with foam to conform to the terrain upon which they are installed. Overall, these are good solutions for training and/or practicing your putts or even for relieving stress after a long day at work. The size and shape you choose is determined by how much room you have, your budget and your personal training needs.

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“Drive for show, putt for dough,” is the old golf saying that truly sums up the most important aspect of the game. Putting is the part of the game that golfers spend the least amount of time working on because it is not as fun or exciting as hitting a driver out on the range. Improving putting is the fastest way to shoot a lower score. Getting enough practice in on the putting green is a challenge, and that is why having one at home is a great solution. The golf superstore has the best selection of putting greens available with options to meet the needs of all golfers.

The selection of putting greens offered by the golf superstore keeps budget and location in mind for everyone. Their standard links line of greens take up less space and have very affordable price tags. These greens are all weather, so they can be used inside or out. Many of these greens offer two or three holes which gives the user some variation in their putting. There are also adjustable breaks on most of these greens to give them a very real feeling.

For golfers that have more space or a higher budget, there are larger greens available through the golf superstore. Despite the larger size, these still make an excellent indoor putting green, but they can be used outdoors as well. Foam contours can be added underneath to make the green as realistic as possible. The larger collection of professional emotional pet support letter for greens have four to five holes and give golfers a chance to practice just about every putt they will face during a round.

The best feature of the putting greens available through the golf superstore is the fact that they are made up of modular pieces. This gives golfers a chance to add to their putting green over time if they want to make it larger or change the shape of it. This customizable feature is a bit expensive, if you want to borrow money for this check its very much worth it! It sets these putting greens apart from others. The research has been done to show that about forty percent of shots taken during the average round of golf are taken with the putter. Taking the time to improve this aspect of the game will show results in the final score.

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