Adams Tight Lies Hybrid

Adams Tight Lies Hybrid

$ 79,99

Ghost Slot Technology hides crown slot but keeps benefits of higher balls speeds and increased forgiveness
Low profile upside down design creates large impact area low on face
Tri level sole reduces turf interaction for better performance out of any type of lie



Adams has in the end given you everything you love about the Tight Lies circle of relatives, now as the ridiculously smooth and simple-to-hit Adams Tight Lies Hybrid. It was once a no-brainer. Adams knows hybrids and they definitely know Tight Lies. As the French say, “Voila!” The Tight Lies upside-down shape and tri-sole design work to get the ball airborne and forward quickly out of all types of lies. The Ghost Slot on the crown, that you’ll only see if you look closely, and the slot on the sole create a “flexible face.” This makes the ball jump off the face faster and more accurate despite the fact that you do not hit it perfectly on-center. It forgives you for your mis-hits, and who doesn’t want forgiveness, especially with those tough second shots?
The maker of the number one hybrid played on Tour and the legendary Tight Lies fairway wood is now giving golfers the most productive of both worlds with the new Tight Lies Hybrid
Easy to hit hybrid that makes it very easy to replace your hard to hit long and mid irons
Ghost Slot Technology delivers out-of-sight performance by hiding the crown slot but keeping the advantages of higher ball speeds and increased forgiveness
Refined barbell-shaped, cut-thru slot design on the sole and crown allows for more face deflection and a spring-like effect for the ball to jump off the face at higher speeds
The dual slots act together to generate more forgiveness across all the face, even when you do not hit on-center

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