Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder


Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder

$ 298,50 (as of July 15, 2018, 12:11 pm) $ 273,97

Pin seeker with jolt Technology provides you with short Vibrating bursts to reinforce the laser has Locked onto the flag
Accurately to 1 yard, ranges from 5 to 1000 yards, field of view 367 feet at 1000 yards and eye relief 21 mm, exit pupil 4.8 mm
5x magnification and a fast focus System let’s you see your shot clearly



Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Rangefinder Patriot PackFaster And Lighter Than Ever!Bushnell had a tall order in trying to make stronger on its highly successful V3 rangefinder, but it also had plenty of motivation. That motivation was the result of feedback from golfers, who routinely suggested that their biggest complaint with rangefinders was being unable to hold their hands steady all through use. Problem solved, as BushellaTMs engineers, in the Tour V4, have created a product thataTMs 30 percent smaller than the V3 and weighs just 5.6 ounces, making it easy to operate, even with just one hand. Additionally, the V4 retrieves yardages twice as fast as its predecessor thanks to the usage of improved processors in the device, and it also has a new focus ring above the eyepiece that makes adjusting focus easier than ever. The V4 has a range of five to 1,000 yards, itaTMs accurate to within a yard, and it can target flags as far as 400 yards away, at the same time as 5x magnification ensures that players can clearly see and lock in on the right target. Most importantly, alternatively, from a user standpoint, highly popular JOLT technology remains, as the V4 will vibrate when it locks in on the right target, letting players know that they have got the correct yardage. The V4 is also water resistant and comes with a two-year warranty, and it has settings that will retrieve measurements in both yards and meters.Ideal For:Golfers of all ability levels. A rangefinder is actually a must for every golfer whoaTMs serious about the game, and the Tour V4 possesses unbelievable performance attributes. Additionally, this can be a product that has made the usage of a rangefinder much easier for the average player, which should make it a popular choice for any golfer whoaTMs looking to make stronger his or her game.Stable-Grip TechnologyThe new ergonomic design of the V4 makes it fit the hand better and allows for a more user-friendly experience, including less shaking of the hands at the same time as getting yardages.JOLT TechnologyWhen golfers get locked in

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